Customer Service for Tech Support Workshop

We offer customized customer service skills training for tech support professionals. For over 20 years we have provided tech support customer service training for satisfied clients in US and UK.

This customer service seminar is a skill building session designed specifically for technical support staff. Topics include the rationale for customer service, communication, managing customer expectations, helping customers help themselves, and efficient listening skills.

On-site class is highly interactive with assessments, discussion, and group learning activities.

Online training customized to meet your needs. Recorded for ongoing training.

IT help desk agents, technical support representatives, tech help desk engineers, field engineers, and others who provide technical support to either internal or external customers.

  • Rationale for excellent service
  • Manage customer expectations
  • Gain customer cooperation and respect
  • Handle conflicting priorities
  • Encourage users to help themselves
  • Defuse upset customers
  • Manage difficult situations diplomatically
  • Achieve consistency in responding to users
  • Earn user respect and satisfaction

At conclusion of program participants will be able to:

  • Set appropriate customer expectations
  • Communicate more effectively with non-tech user
  • Reduce own stress and user anxiety
  • Deal professionally with frustrated customers
  • Diplomatically handle ‘no quick fix’ scenarios
  • Help users help themselves
  • Prove value to internal customers
  • Establish credibility and user confidence

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I really liked scientific explanation for anger. Knowing steps to take to defuse customer frustration will be useful. Call guides for difficult conversations are really helpful.

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  • Provide efficient user friendly customer service
  • Communicate effectively with non technical users
  • Promote a reputation for excellent customer service

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