Technical Support Management Training

A study found that over 68% of technical professionals felt their managers are technically proficient, but lack the leadership skills necessary to manage and motivate a team. High performance help desks need effective leaders.

  • Manage remote workers expertly
  • Create a motivational environment
  • Develop team reputation for user friendly support
  • Manage relationship with other managers and upper management
  • Represent tech support team’s value to organization
  • Transition from technical expert to manager
  • Hire technicians with aptitude for customer service
  • Master performance management techniques
  • Provide effective feedback to assure team meets SLA’s
  • Master remote management skills

Management training for team leaders can be included as part of our customer service training package


Online training on Management Skills for Managing Remotely

to evaluate your leadership strengths and challenges.

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  • Provide efficient user friendly customer service
  • Communicate effectively with non technical users
  • Promote a reputation for excellent customer service

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