Customer Service Training for Healthcare

Customer Service Savvy for Healthcare

Whether your staff are in a practice, clinic, hospital or facility, they need patient satisfaction skills. Healthcare professionals who participate in this Customer Service Training for Healthcare will increase their customer service aptitude, ability to deal effectively with today’s patients, manage stress, and increase patient satisfaction.

Our customer service training will help healthcare staff:

  • Improve customer service practices and increase patient satisfaction
  • Communicate more effectively with patients and co-workers
  • Address challenging situations professionally
  • Deal with stress and maintain resilience

Most Requested Training Topics

  • Increase patient satisfaction and survey scores
  • Manage patient expectations
  • Calm upset customers
  • Handle escalated situations professionally
  • Manage stress and maintain motivation

Course Options

On-site workshop customized for your healthcare setting, staff, and unique challenges. Presented by an expert, this workshop is highly interactive with assessments and role plays. A comprehensive workbook is included for reference and review.

We can develop a course for your organization, complete with training program and leader’s guide, to be facilitated internally.

Customized online training developed to address customer service challenges in your healthcare setting.

Training formats include live on-site workshops and online options.   Call 415.929.8110 or

Ask about a Learning Library for your organization.

I always thought telling cancer patients the facts would calm their emotions. Now I understand why they didn’t hear me, and I have a better approach.
–Dr. R., National Health Service

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Patient Satisfaction in Healthcare

  • Improve customer service practices
  • Communicate clearly with patients and co-workers
  • Manage difficult situations professionally

Dealing with difficult customers requires Emotional Intelligence.
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