Emotional Intelligence Quiz

Below are the behavioral habits of emotional intelligence. As you read these, rate yourself on each habit. Is this a habit or behavior which you practice:

always?usually?sometimes?seldom?almost never?
5 points4 points3 points2 points1 point
 Behavioral habitScore
1.In all circumstances I respect other people and their feelings. 
2.I can easily identify my feelings. 
3.I take responsibility for own emotions. 
4.I can maintain control of my emotions. 
5.I find it easy to validate others’ feelings and values. 
6.I do not rush to judge or label other people and situations. 
7.I do not try to manipulate, criticize, blame or overpower others. 
8.I constantly challenge my habitual responses, and am willing to try considered alternatives. 
9.I live in the present, learn from experiences, and do not carry negative feelings forward. 
 Total Score: 
40-45=High level of emotional maturity, awareness and control. You have a positive and inspiring impact on others.
35-39=Higher than average level of emotional intelligence. Concentrate on self-awareness and control, and developing increased empathy for others.
27-34=You have a base line awareness of what emotional intelligence is. Be alert for opportunities to increase levels of self-awareness and empathy toward others, and to refine responses.
9-26=Now that you’re of aware of emotional intelligence, monitor your emotions and their impact on you and others. Notice how your behavior impacts others and get feedback on how to modify behavior which has negative affect.

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