Deal with Difficult Customers Training

How to Deal with Today’s Demanding Customers

Whether your staff are on the phone in contact centers, service desks, or are face to face customers, they need skills and composure to deal with difficult, demanding or abusive customers. While traditional customer service training teaches conventional skills, your staff need specific strategies to deal with today’s demanding and easily angered customers. Whether an abusive customer calls in out of control, or the demanding customer escalates to being a hostile customer, you need advanced techniques to defuse upset customers and address abusive customers.

  • Maintain composure and diplomacy under pressure
  • Defuse customer frustration and identify customer need
  • Manage escalated scenarios professionally
  • Manage angry phone callers
  • Deal with aggressive customers in person
  • Address unrealistic customer expectations
  • Deal productively with complaints
  • Deliver bad news
  • Maintain composure while defusing hostile customers
  • Handle abusive customers professionally
  • Stress management and motivation

Course Options

Our in person, on-site intensive workshop with techniques, role plays, and real world scenarios from your experiences. Customized for your organization and presented at your location, complete with comprehensive workbook and follow up action plan.

Our live virtual workshop presents techniques and engages participants in discussion and role plays. This online workshop will be customized for your organization and reflect your customer challenges. Course includes workbook and action plan.

A pre-recorded workshop covering key techniques and strategies for dealing with difficult customers. The program can be tailored for your staff, and made available on demand.

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5 Star Class! This workshop was the morale and skill boost my customer service reps needed. They have confidence and skill in dealing with all customers, especially the angry and hostile customers. As a manager, I learned how to deal with escalated calls more effectively. Excellent course! 

— Phil T.      
Aviation Manager

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