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Customer Service Questions — True or False?TrueFalse
1.Customers are more easily satisfied if their expectations are effectively managed.  
2.In responding to a frustrated customer’s question, it’s a good idea to immediately offer a solution.  
3.Most upset customers will calm down if you offer a sincere apology.  
4.If a customer gets the wrong idea from a sales rep, its okay to tell the customer that sales will say anything to make a sale.  
5.When a customer calls for technical support, its realistic to require them to explain the problem in technical language.  
6.When you answer a call, and the customer really needs to resolve the issue with another department, it’s your responsibility to make sure the customer reaches someone who can help.  
7.When dealing with an angry customer face to face, making no eye contact and looking away will feel better for you and the customer.  
8.When dealing with an abusive customer on the phone, it’s important to hang up right away.  
9.On a technical help desk, the agents who are the smartest technically are always rated most helpful and customer friendly by the customer.  
10.After resolving a customer complaint, the customer is impressed with your customer service if you contact them to make sure they’re satisfied and thank them for their business.  
11.Customers trust you more if they have problems with your product or service and receive speedy resolution, than if they have no problems with your product at all.  
12.The most credible advertising is a satisfied customer.  
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