Managing Excellent Customer Service


This workshop covers unique issues facing managers who oversee customer service focus: hiring and motivating appropriate personnel, dealing with escalated customer problems, dealing with other managers and internal customers.

Competencies you can develop:

  • Create a motivating climate which supports exceptional customer satisfaction
  • Hire employees with customer service aptitude
  • Improve processes and service levels
  • Reduce employee burn out and turnover
  • Performance management skills to motivate employees to do their best
  • Gather and utilize customer feedback


Management training for team leaders can be included as part of our customer service training package


One on One coaching sessions for individuals

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Internal Customer Service

  • Improve internal and external customer service
  • Work together to meet organizational goals
  • Reduce friction and increase productivity

“Before this workshop, I thought internal problems were only bad for morale. Now I know they’re bad for the bottom line. Thanks for processes to resolve costly internal problems.”

Management Skills: Managing Up, Down and Across

Many managers find their biggest challenge is representing their department’s function within an organization. We can provide training/coaching on managing relationships with other managers, upper management, and performance management for staff.

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