Internal Customer Service Workshop

Internal Customer Service Workshop

We provide customized on-site interactive skill building workshops to improve internal customer service. Our seminars instill best practices of internal customer service, interdepartmental support, problem solving, improved workplace communication, productivity and morale.

At the end of the course, employees will work together more productively, reduce expensive miscommunications, incorporate internal customer priorities into workflow, cut operating costs, and reduce occurrence of needless problems.

Program Elements

  1. Assessment Phase – we assess your organization’s issues and build a customized program to address your needs.
  2. On-site Workshop – we present a highly interactive on- site workshop with discussion, group learning processes and projects. Employees will learn to work together productively, overcome conflict, and implement cost savings practices.
  3. Follow up Plan – we provide participants and management a written follow up plan with built in accountability.

At the end of the workshop employees will know how to work together more productively, reduce conflict, and implement cost savings strategies.

Sample Topics

  • Break down silo mentality
  • Financial and business rationale for internal service
  • Individual contributors’ responsibilities in internal service
  • Proactive interdepartmental communication
  • Handle emotions and negativity on the job
  • Resolve conflicts productively
  • Facilitate process improvements for cost savings
  • Follow up plan to make improvements ongoing


At conclusion of course participants will be able to:

  • Identify ways to improve internal and external customer service
  • Reduce interdepartmental miscommunication and conflict
  • Support priorities of internal customers
  • Handle conflict productively
  • Identify internal problems which cost money and external customer loyalty
  • Turn complaints into improvements
  • Improve morale and work together more profitably

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