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Dealing with Difficult Customers

This customized, on-site (in company) customer service seminar is designed for customer service reps who cope with difficult and abusive customers. They need proven skills and stress management strategies. Because the seminar will be customized to meet your company's needs, we'll talk about dealing with your difficult customers.

This lively, interactive workshop refines basic skills, teaches customer service reps to deal more efficiently and productively with difficult customers and turn around difficult situations. They'll learn essential strategies for dealing with abusive customers, and how to handle emotions: their own and the customers'.

To deal with difficult and abusive customers you need:

  1. Well developed emotional body armour. Deal more easily with stressful interactions and customers by developing a way to prevent frustration before it builds. By understanding how emotions are created, how to stay in control, how to avoid absorbing customer frustration, and when to call it quits, you'll be able to steer clear of burn-out.

  2. Strategies for handling difficult customers or situations. Whether your group's challenge is an ongoing external customer who is overly demanding and abrasive, or an internal customer who is unreasonable, you need a new approach. You need some proven guidelines for managing those tough conversations.
    Learn how to create a different dynamic with difficult people. Learn how to guide the conversation and path of the interaction. Be prepared with specific steps to handle abusive customers. Exercise more control over the outcome and maintain your cool.

  3. Guaranteed stress busters! These techniques take stress management from a mental concept to a physical reality. Donna will teach new awareness raising concepts to nip stress in the bud, and kinesthetic exercises to ditch stress before it saps you of your professionalism. Learn simple and quick physical techniques to 'detox' after a bad call and avoid taking the day's stress home.

This class will be personalized for your group and your challenging customers.

Included in the class: A comprehensive workbook with reminders and customer service tips, a 'cheat sheet' to keep near your phone so you'll always be prepared, and stress busting surprises to keep a smile on your face.

To bring the seminar Dealing with Difficult Customers to your company, phone 415.929.8110 or email

"When our experienced people used your techniques for handling abusive customers, the results were immediate. They were able to gain control of the conversation, and the customer."

Read our article: Dealing with Abusive Customers.

January, 2008 - See Donna's insights on dealing with difficult and abusive customers in Montreal Gazette.

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